I have known Daniel for many years and I highly recommend his services to everyone who is in search of an Immigration Lawyer. He is an honest, professional and excellent lawyer. Daniel has been there for my family when we were going through a very difficult situation, because of him my family is together. Words cannot explain how grateful we are for all his help and support.

Lizy M., Dallas, Texas   
Daniel is a very intelligent fellow and he knows what he is doing. He has helped me with filing for my family members and getting green card and citizenship. What I found really interesting is that at the immigration office of Dallas, people knew him and respected him.

Pinal J., Dallas, Texas   

I applied for asylum on my own and it took almost 2 years. I did not have an interview scheduled. After meeting with Mr Stewart, he helped me get the interview and prepared me for it. He went to my interview with me and my asylum was approved. I can’t thank him enough for that. HE REALLY KNOWS HIS JOB. I recommend him.

Grace M., Dallas, Texas   
Mr. Stewart is by far the best immigration attorney I have come accross. He saved me from my difficult situation with ease. He is excellent! He really loves his clients and treats them with the most care and respect. I was able to get my citizenship through him and also my parents. I don’t know where we would be without him. I highly recommend Mr. Stewart to everyone I know and will keep using his services if I ever need help.

Lilian M., Dallas, Texas   

Gracias al Abogado Daniel Stewart, ya recibí mi tarjeta de autorización de empleo y el dia de hoy acabo de aplicar para la tarjeta de número del seguro social. Tener a Daniel Stewart como mi Abogado ha sido una de las mejores decisiones que he tomado Durante este tiempo . Ya que el ha llevado acabo el proceso de applicacion para mi residencia; Ademas que el nos ayudo para que mi esposa obtuviera su cuidadania, el hizo todo esto en mucho menos del tiempo pensado. Me siento muy contento y afortunado de tener un Abogado como a el, y definitivamente lo recomendaria.

Muchas gracias Daniel Stewart por todo lo que has hecho y estas haciendo por nosotros.

Uriel C., Austin, Texas